Osteogenic Loading Session ($40.00)

The Osteogenic Loading session will allow you to schedule when the time is right for you. Sessions will last 20 minutes and will consist of Power Plate, Balance Tracking Systems fall assessment or balance training and grip strength assessment.


30-Minute/60-Minute Training ($45.00/$75.00)

Unconventional Strength Training sessions are the perfect complement to your Osteogenic Loading membership.  Sessions will focus on improving mobility, stability, and overall strength. Training sessions can include, but not limited to: The Space Trainer, steel mace, indian clubs, kettlebells, stick mobility, Weck Method Pulsers, indoor slackline, movement coaching and assessment, breathing patterns, and more!


30-Minute/60-Minute Therapy ($65.00/$100.00)

Therapy sessions will focus on soft tissue management, chiropractic care, therapeutic stretching and other healing modalities.  Our 30 minute therapy sessions are great for maintenance care or as an adjunct to training or Osteogenic Loading. Our 60 minute therapy sessions are great for addressing long standing biomechanic dysfunctions, reducing aches and pains, improving wellness and vitality, and gaining valuable insight into ones own body. Therapy sessions are different and unique to everyone.