Scientific Studies

These studies offer clinical proof of the success of osteogenic loading in improving bone density with regular bone density tests and resistance training with bioDensity.side-of-lab-microscope_4460x4460 - Edited

New Apparatus Provides Compression Forces on Bone Resulting in Osteoblastic Activity. J. Conviser, Conviser, J., Koehler, J., Conviser, N. Osteoporosis International. Vol. 29, Supplement 1, April 2018.

Subjects included: 15 females ranging in age from 56-84. Each had to complete at least 48 of 52 bioDensity sessions and bone density tests in the last calendar year. Eleven subjects demonstrated significat improvement in DEXA values, whereas 2 had no change and 2 had further decreases in BMD (bone mineral density).

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Safety and Feasibility of Osteogenic Loading in Adults with Low Body Mass Index: Preliminary Evaluation. Jason Conviser, Conviser, J., Koehler, J. April, 2018

In the same study, isolating subjects with low BMI (body mass index), they were able to use bone density tests to document the viability of safe loading with bioDensity to stimulate natural bone growth.

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Effects of bioDensity Training and Power Plate Whole Body Vibration on Strength, Balance, and Functional Independence in Older Adults. Derek Smith, Judge, S., Malone, A., Moynes, R., Conviser, J. and Skinner. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 2016, 24, 139-148.

Subjects included: patients between 85-93 years-old. Using Power Plate and bioDensity methodology with regular bone density tests, subjects showed significant improvement in walking speed, walking distance, balance, sitting posture, standing posture, walking up and down stairs, and other activities integral to daily, unassisted living. Based on bone density testing results, overall strength increased from 22-51%.

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