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StrengthX is an Asheville, NC unique health and fitness center offering customized personal training, strength and conditioning, transformative scans to understand bone density, bioDensity training, and more!

Workouts at StrengthX are intended to stimulate healing, make you stronger and more physically competent, and not worn down and achy from the old injuries. Whatever your goals are for your body and strength, Dr. Mike offers a creative and fun avenue towards achieving them.

Sessions may include posture, bone strength, foot strength, breathing, foot health, balance and grounding skills, hand-eye coordination, strength training via the seven movement patterns (push, pull, locomotion, squat, hinge, lunge, and rotation) and more.

Dr. Mike uses unique and specialized equipment beyond just free weights and resistance bands like spinal coiling, soft tissue management and flexibility.

StrengthX holds equipment that you won’t find elsewhere under one roof, including Dr. Mike’s very own patented Space Trainer.

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Know the Health of Your Bones at Any Age

Radiation-free, safe bone density scanning, giving DXA equivalent results (BMD,T score & Z score).

Health and Fitness Center

Be empowered to know your bone strength now. No need for a hospital. No need to wait until you’re 65 or older.

Know now so that you can strengthen your body from the inside out, don’t wait!

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StrengthX holds equipment that you won’t find elsewhere under one roof!
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