Echolight Scan

We are pioneering into the wave of the future- a future of healthy bones, and getting strong from the inside out!

StrengthX is now offering Echolight scan near you in Asheville, NC.

Get your Innovative Bone Health Assessment Now – Radiation Free Ultrasound Understand Your Bone Health Now!

Currently, Dexa Scans are the common way to get your bone health screening; however, we are blocked from getting these by conventional hospital systems because of our age as they require you to be 65 or older. From about 35 years of age, the bone tissue passes through a natural process of deterioration, due to age and also in women it’s due to menopause.

Why would we wait until then when we can be PROACTIVE and PREVENT problems?


Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disease characterized by low bone mass and architectural changes in bone, which leads to an increased risk of fracture. The fractures normally occur at the hip or spine.

Osteoporosis affects 1 woman in 3, and 1 man in 5 over the age of 50.


Bone strength testing can help establish a correct diagnosis of osteoporosis and can help prevent the emergence of an initial fracture. This test helps determine the severity and predicts the risk of fractures and monitors bone changes.

The innovative EchoS exam that we now provide is a simple echographic scan that provides all the information about your bone quality and density.


For only $200, the Echolight Scan + Consultation ultrasound (REMS) scan takes around 30 minutes and you will be given a printed report with your results showing your bone mineral density, T – Score, Z Score, of both your lumbar vertebra and hip bone.

A report is given at the time of the scan with a plan of action that Dr. Mike will recommend for your unique needs.