Echolight and Your Bone Identity​​

By: Dr. Mike Lewen

Echolight and your bone identity … let’s break down both of these things to share why these are vital elements you need to know more about. Knowing your bone identity is powerful wisdom that can help you in your health journey, and your bone identity is learning things like your bone mineral density, bone quality, and more.

And, Echolight is quite a magnificent technology that we have here in-house. On our blog, we have some great insights that have a lot of details about this tech, and you can find a few great articles linked here below to help you explore more about it:

The Echolight technology isn’t very old. We were a part of the early adopters of this technology because we knew the powerful insight that it provides to people. 

Here’s a quick recap of some of the top insights about Echolight and this scanning technology:

  • The technical explanation: Echolight’s REMS technology examines the condition and health of a person’s bones without the ionizing radiation (X-rays) used to measure bone density with the typical Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) technology. (WHEW, we know, that’s a lot.) 

  • The Echolight unit uses the REMS technique to assess conditions of low bone density, like osteoporosis. Bone health is an essential part of our overall health, though rarely is it discussed for ages below 65, and we would like to see this change. This ultrasound can help us know things unique to each person, such as how to increase bone density and build bone density. People will have varying degrees of bone health overall depending on many different factors)… this is your BONE IDENTITY!

In less than one year of using the Echolight REMS technology, I can tell you anecdotally from my experiences as I’ve worked with my clients here at StrengthX.

Echolight is a superior method of testing bone density and fragility compared to other available options. People often ask me if they should get an Echolight scan, and there are three big reasons why I say YES. It will provide you with: 

  1. Accuracy
  2. Consistency
  3. Reliability

Why is an Echolight Scan a Fantastic Tool in Your Health Tool Box?

Echolight provides ASTOUNDING details about your health (from the inside out)!

1. Accuracy

Other tests just aren’t that accurate. For an excellent analysis on this, head on over here to learn about The Better Bones’ perspective on bone density testing and DEXA Scan Accuracy. Before learning about the Echolight REMS technology, I found myself in the undesirable position of explaining why a client’s DEXA scan showed such a significant disparity between skeletal regions (e.g., someone’s T-Score would be a -2.5 in the spine and a -4.0 in the femurs). If you’re wondering what a T-Score is, this score (or number) represents how close you are to average peak bone density.

It has become clear that this is simply a product of BAD DATA. Echolight has confirmed what I had known: that the skeletal system shares a more uniform pattern of loss across the body (and between the lumbar and femur regions). I have yet to see a disparity between regions of +/- 0.4 on T-Scores using the Echolight Ultrasound REMS technology when we compare it to a DEXA that showed greater than +/- 1.0 deviation.

2. Consistency

Adding the Echolight technology into the StrengthX practice has allowed me to observe bone density measurements more frequently. It’s astounding how consistent the bone density and overall measurements with Echolight are (as compared to anything I’ve seen from other options like the DEXA scan, as mentioned in #1 above). 

Most importantly, the bone density reports generated are highly independent of administrator influence, meaning I cannot do much to alter the report’s results for better or worse. If the anatomy is appropriately observed, the information will consistently show accurate measurements of that individual daily.

3. Reliability

When we have more vital accuracy combined with consistently repeatable results, we have something reliable that we can utilize to analyze and know your bone identity. The Echolight REMS is a technology I can confidently turn to for measuring bone density, bone fragility, and body composition without wondering or guessing with the typical lopsided information I’ve seen. 

I have tested myself multiple times per week, and every time the information and data provided are consistently accurate, precise, and 100% reliable.


In conclusion, with enough exposure and data sampling, it’s clear that Echolight is way more than just a DEXA alternative; this technology is the new potential gold standard for bone density and fragility testing.

The most critical feature in my book around the Echolight REMS technology and the ultrasound scan is that it is there when YOU want it, without the hoops of the AMA or the prescription from an overlord MD looking for third-party justification. 

Instead, you’ll get reliable, accurate, precise, and consistent data on your terms for better self-understanding. 

Change begins with observation; schedule your Echolight REMS bone density scan today!

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