What Bone Density Experts Know About Osteogenic Loading

Osteogenesis is the formation of bone tissue, and what bone density experts know is that osteogenesis is augmented through a specific process known as osteogenic loading.

Osteogenic loading is what bone density experts who are proponents of natural healing are most interested in because it’s the healthy, non-drug related solution for building strong, resilient bones. It’s the body’s built-in mechanism for keeping the bones healthy and functional, and it works amazingly well! 

If you have concerns about building, maintaining, or recovering your bone density, you’ve come to the right place. StrengthX is Asheville, NC’s top-notch bone health clinic. We are experts on the subject of osteogenic loading. 

We have state of the art technology for assessing the health of your bones on multiple levels in the form of an Echolight scan (learn more about what that is here, and get even more in-depth information about it here). Once we have all the data we need, we can make use of our wonderful bioDensity machine as well as Dr. Mike’s patented space trainer (and quite a few other fun and effective means) to make sure you are not at high risk for fractures or other maladies related to weak, porous bones. 

So, let’s get a little more familiar with exactly how osteogenic loading works and why it’s the best way to keep your bones healthy and strong at any age.

Osteogenic Loading Explained

Truly almost everything we do, including simply standing puts some load on the bones due to the force of gravity. But this is not enough to compress the bone matrix to the degree necessary for osteogenesis. 

Osteogenesis requires weight-bearing activity. More specifically, it requires a pressure of about 4.2 times the weight of your body. That means if you weigh 140 pounds, you need 588 pounds worth of pressure to induce osteogenesis. From a 2012 UK study showing a 17-year-old had to hit the ground with 4.2 G’s of impact via accelerometer (running and jumping w play), that number is then converted to static/isometric multiples of body weight.

This amount of pressure can come through strength training exercises and activities like jumping, dancing, and running. But the issue with these activities is that they can increase the risk of injury. For some, these activities are just too risky.

For a better understanding of the mechanics of osteogenic loading, imagine trying to push a heavy boulder. In order for osteogenesis to occur, the boulder, or “load” needs to be so heavy that you can barely push it forward. It’s the effort of pushing that compresses the bone and activates the formation of new bone tissue. Activities where you exert enough force to push an osteogenic load in short (high-intensity) bursts, alternating with timed recovery periods provide the best opportunities for optimal osteogenesis. These actions, through compression of the bone matrix, trigger bone cells to assimilate calcium and other minerals, thus increasing the density of your bones.

Incidentally, “unloading” can occur during periods of bed rest or reduced levels of activity. And while daily activities can generally prevent the occurrence of unloading, actually building new bone material requires the practice of loading, as we have described in the paragraphs above.

Merits of our bioDensity Machine Technology

At StrengthX you will find the most effective tools and technology not only for assessing bone health, but also for preventing AND reversing conditions like osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and osteopenia. 

We’re experts in osteogenic loading thanks to our bioDensity machine and Dr. Mike’s experience and personal interest in maintaining optimal bone density due to his hereditary hEDS. More on what that is here.

Osteogenic loading sessions with our highly effective bioDensity machine offer a safe, measurable, and controlled approach to the process with the benefits of high-impact activity but without the risk involved in heavy lifting and jumping. The bioDensity machine gives you the opportunity to engage in exercises such as leg and chest presses (among others) that create a maximum isometric load, providing the optimal level of osteogenic loading in the safest way.

The machine also allows us to keep track of progress and the positive results you are getting from the practice.

Other Benefits of Osteogenic Loading

There are many benefits to properly executed regularly practiced osteogenic loading sessions. 

Studies have shown osteogenic loading to be a healthy alternative to hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women. 

Osteogenic loading can also reduce joint and back pain and reduce the risk of injuries and other complications that occur as a result of bones that are not dense enough.


Osteogenesis is a term that refers to the formation of new bone tissue. Osteogenic loading is the process required for that to occur in the body. Osteogenic loading happens when bones are compressed to such a degree that calcium and other minerals are formed in the bone matrix, thus creating higher bone density.

At StrengthX, we have state of the art equipment and knowledge to help our clients build and maintain optimal levels of bone density the safe, natural, and effective way.