Discover How to Improve Bone Health Using The Wisdom of Wolff’s Law

“Bones remodel and adapt constructively to the loads placed upon them.
– Dr. Julius Wolff (Wolff’s Law)

How to improve bone health is our primary consideration here at Strength X. That’s why we are THE bone health clinic in Asheville, NC if you are interested in rebuilding bone density while maintaining whole-body health the fun and natural way. 

Simply put… proper osteogenic loading is the answer to the question of how to improve bone health. 

Bones have a built-in mechanism that allows them to increase their density when the body needs it. But it requires your active participation. This is the mechanism Dr. Julius Wolff was referring to in the quote at the beginning of this article. Today we call it osteogenic loading. (Osteogenic literally means bone-building).

Conventional medicine offers pharmaceutical medications for patients with bone density issues like osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and osteopenia. At Strength X, we offer something different, because we know how to improve bone health naturally according to Wolff’s Law. We make rebuilding bone density FUN!

How Dense Are Your Bones?

With an Echolight scan (learn more about what that is here, and get even more in-depth information about it here) we can gather loads (no pun intended) of information about the health of your bones no matter how old you are because bone density is important for everyone, not just people over 65!

If you have osteopenia, osteomalacia, or osteoporosis, your bones are below optimal density, and you are at risk for fractures and other injuries. But that can change with proper use of osteogenic loading

What is Osteogenic Loading?

Osteogenic literally means bone-building.

Osteogenic loading occurs automatically when the bone matrix is compressed. This prompts the cells to produce calcium and other minerals that increase bone density. This is precisely what Dr. Julius Wolff was referring to in his quote about how bones can remodel themselves.

In order to induce the process of osteogenic loading, you have to engage in weight-bearing and/or strength training exercises. The loading part simply means that the bones require a certain amount of stress in order for osteogenesis to occur. One study (cited in the resources below) indicated that the amount of osteogenic loading required to stimulate the bone-building process is about 4.2 times body weight.

How to Improve Bone Health with the Use of Wolff’s Law

We know Wolff’s law is true at Strength X because we’ve experienced it and we’ve seen it in action. And our clients see (and feel) it in action as well by engaging in appropriate weight-bearing and/or strength training activities.

It’s important to note that, when you do not engage in appropriate weight-bearing and/or strength training exercises, you are basically unloading your bones, meaning your bones are degenerating. This is why weight-bearing exercises and strength training are just as important for maintaining bone density as they are for rebuilding it.

When I say appropriate weight-bearing exercises, I mean activities that put GOOD stress on the bones. Good stress initiates osteogenesis without leaving you in pain or increasing your risk of injury.

Some of the fun and effective means we use for osteogenic loading here at StrengthX include:

  • Biodensity machines
  • Individualized strength training workouts using my patented space trainer
  • Slacklines
  • Boxing techniques
  • Balance and hand-eye coordination training
  • Hula-hooping

We not only help you build and maintain bone density in healthy ways. We teach you to care for your whole body, as well as your mind and spirit. Our protocol doesn’t leave you in pain and it doesn’t increase your risk of injury.

I also use chiropractic treatment and myofascial release therapies to supplement and enhance your process of recovery and maintenance when necessary.


Wollf’s Law is our golden rule for building and maintaining optimal bone health here at StrengthX. It states very clearly that the bones have a built-in mechanism for keeping themselves healthy as long as you are willing to engage in the proper exercises for activating that mechanism.

Specifically, this includes weight-bearing and strength-training exercises, which induce osteogenic loading. At StrengthX, we can help you discover fun and safe ways to maintain optimal bone health by teaching you osteogenic loading exercises that don’t leave you in pain or put you at a higher risk for injuries. So if you have sustained a fracture, or you have a condition such as osteoporosis that has resulted in compromised bone density, we can help!