The Bone Health Test You Need to Take Right Now That Will Help You Live a More Vibrant Life

Here at StrengthX we are excited to be able to discover if you are at risk for a fracture (or some other bone issue) due to weak bones. Focusing on bone health is essential for everyone (not just those of us here in Asheville, NC!). Our team knows that whole-body wellness has so much to do with bone health. That’s why we have the Echolight Ultrasound, or EchoS (you can see our previous article called What is an Echolight Ultrasound and Why is it Important for Your Health for more background).

What Can The Echolight Determine About Your Bone Density?

The short answer to that question is, “a lot,” and it does so quickly, easily, and painlessly. The  Echolight helps us know things unique to each person as to how to increase bone density and how to build bone density (people will have varying degrees of bone health overall depending on many different factors). 

There is scientific data obtained by the Echolight company (you can explore them here) comparing data from over 100,000 people to give us a comprehensive picture of the state of your bones, i.e., density and quality. 

The 4 factors that the Echolight Ultrasound will measure are:

  1. Bone mineral density (BMD): As you may have guessed, this factor tells us with pinpoint accuracy how dense your bones are. This is a crucial piece of information needed for correctly assessing osteoporosis. 
  1. T-Score: This important number is confirmed through a direct comparison of your bone mineral density (or, as noted, shortened to BMD) value that’s compared to a vast database of other BMD values linking to that of a healthy state of bones in 30-year-olds.
  1. Z-Score: The Z-score is determined by comparing your BMD to the BMD of others in the database syncing with your own age and gender.
  1. Fragility Score: The Fragility Score is reached through statistical calculations obtained by comparing your data with others in the database, both with and without fractures. The number obtained tells us the quality of your bones and how likely you are to sustain a fracture.

After analyzing the data, we will have the insight that we need, and we can begin a program to start improving bone health immediately as necessary.  

If you know how important bone health is for whole-body wellness and would like to receive this Echolight Consultation, we’d love to help you make sure your bones are happy and healthy, along with all your other parts.


The health and wellness of your bones do, in fact, have a direct effect on all other aspects of your body and life experience. That’s why we have this Echolight Ultrasound because we know it’s imperative to have state-of-the-art technology for keeping the people we help to be healthy! 

The Echolight Scan + Consultation is $150.00, so to book your consultation, click here now! Or, please feel free to call Dr. Mike Lewen, at 1-828-505-7200.  We would love to talk with you about how this scan can be a powerful addition to your overall wellness and self-care plan.