What is an Echolight Ultrasound and Why is it Important for Your Health?

Have you heard of an Echolight Ultrasound? If not, don’t fret; we’re here to explain this thoroughly so that you understand what a powerful tool this will be for your health. Once you know, you’ll get online and search “echolight ultrasound near me” just as fast as you can… 

We’re located in Asheville, NC, but other regions around the US offer this excellent service, though we are early adopters. We suspect that this number will increase dramatically over the coming years. We wanted to be at the forefront as this is so powerful that we knew we needed to jump in now.


We are very excited to offer the Echolight Ultrasound (often called an Echolight EchoS); it is an innovative bone health monitoring technology called REMS (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry) that has been gaining acceptance across Europe mainly (and this is still a bit “underground” so to speak). The Echolight Ultrasound is revolutionizing the way bone health specialists assess and monitor bone density, bone quality, and bone strength.

The technical explanation: Echolight’s REMS technology examines the condition and health of a person’s bones without the ionizing radiation (X-rays) used to measure bone density with the typical Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) technology. (WHEW, we know, that’s a lot.) 

Now you’re probably wondering what that all means and why should I care? 

The Echolight unit uses the REMS technique to assess conditions of low bone density, like osteoporosis. Bone health is an essential part of our overall health, though rarely is it discussed for ages below 65, and we would like to see this change. This ultrasound can help us know things unique to each person as to how to increase bone density and how to build bone density (people will have varying degrees of bone health overall depending on many different factors). 


Here at StrengthX, we can discover if you are at risk for a fracture (or some other bone issue) due to weak bones. It’s also a way that we can proactively monitor bone health and, implement the appropriate plan to keep bones healthy, strong, and help ease joint pain (hopefully before it even starts).

Here’s the great part: the REMS technology’s precision, automation, and analysis capabilities that the Echolight Ultrasound uses are unmatched. We are VERY excited to have this to offer our clients!

Here’s a quick list of the top 6 things that Echolight can do for you (and why we know that this is extremely important for your health… for everyone’s health!):

  1. You can assess your bone health without exposure to ionizing radiation caused by X-rays.
  1. With your consultation, we can produce an automated report within several minutes so you can see right there on the spot what the data tells us about your bone health.
  1. We will have exact and correct bone health data to work from as a basis to know what kind of conditioning/strengthening plan will be best for your unique body and bone health no matter what age you are (you no longer have to wait around for a certain age and/or for the health care system to tell you what you can do).
  1. We can assess your Fragility Score, which is a wonderful insight to have. This is a numeric value derived through statistical calculations that will provide us with insight on the quality of your bones and how likely you are to sustain a fragility fracture in the future (and then I, Dr. Mike, can devise a plan with you to ensure we can help prevent this!)
  1. You will have accurate fracture risk assessments, which can provide a detailed program of what are the best ways to strengthen your body.

  1. Allows for early detection of low bone density and osteoporosis

You won’t be able to find the REMS technology just anywhere. Caring for bones, joints, and all parts of the musculoskeletal system is essential to the work that we offer here at StrengthX. When our team decided to expand our services, bringing in the Echolight Ultrasound was an easy decision.

Being proactive about bone health and fracture prevention for people of all ages is something that I’d like to bring to the forefront of a person’s overall body wellness plan. 


The most recent addition to the StrengthX “toolbelt” is the Echolight Ultrasound technology. This allows us to evaluate the internal bone structure to work together to treat, prevent, and integrate a StrengthX style program truly looking in-depth into a person’s overall well-being of their mind, body, spirit, AND BONES! 

The Echolight Scan + Consultation is $150.00, so to book your consultation, click here now! Or, please feel free to call Dr. Mike Lewen, at 1-828-505-7200.  We would love to talk with you about how this scan can be a powerful addition to your overall wellness and self-care plan. 

Are you ready to get healthy from the inside out?