believes in building strength within
the mind, body, spirit, and bones!

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Whole Body Wellness

Osteogenic Loading Session

The Osteogenic Loading session will allow you to schedule when the time is right for you. Sessions will last 20 minutes and will consist of Power Plate, Balance Tracking Systems fall assessment or balance training, and grip strength assessment.

Customized Strength Training Session

Unconventional Strength Training sessions are the perfect complement to your Osteogenic Loading membership. Sessions will focus on improving mobility, stability, and overall strength.

Customized Therapeutic Session

Therapy sessions will focus on soft tissue management, chiropractic care, therapeutic stretching and other healing modalities. Our 30 minute therapy sessions are great for maintenance care or as an adjunct to training or Osteogenic Loading.

“I focus on building strength in your bones, your body, mind, and spirit.”

– Dr. Mike Lewen, Founder & Creator of StrengthX



Know the health of your bones at any age (and learn why it’s imperative to your health to know this right now)!

What is


If you’re looking in the Asheville area for personal training that won’t cause you more pain and won’t stress your body out, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at StrengthX, we believe in WHOLE BODY WELLNESS and building strength from the inside out.

Does your current workout leave your whole body in pain?

Building strength doesn’t mean you have to punish your body. We create strength from the inside out and from the bottom up.

StrengthX believes in building strength of your mind, body, spirit, and BONES!

The real, tangible benefits to this customized therapeutic strength training are ultimately reflected in your quality of life and your ability to maintain functional movement patterns.

That’s why bone density is extremely important!

At Asheville’s bone density and strength facility, you will experience a variety of strength training benefits you won’t find anywhere else in Western North Carolina.

Let StrengthX teach you how to improve and maintain bone health while engaging in safe, fun, creative, and effective strength training workouts that don’t destroy your soft tissues and leave your body feeling battered.

A few amazing benefits of our state-of-the-art approach include:

  • Stopping bone loss and possibly even reversing the effects of osteoporosis or osteopenia.
  • Positive ways to affect Ehler’s Danlos/hypermobility disorders
  • Increase energy and reduce fatigue
  • Greater mobility and stability
  • Improved structure and function of the whole body

Osteogenic loading is a powerful discipline that offers all the strength training benefits of high impact activity without the risk of heavy lifting and jumping.
We don’t stop moving because we grow old, we grow older because we stop moving.


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